AWWA Gate Valves

AWWA C515 AWWA C509 Resilient wedge gate valve AWWA Gate valves
IBBM Solid Wedge AWWA Gate Valves C500
Rotating Disc AWWA Gate Valves


  • AWWA C509 /C515 RW Gates
  • AWWA C500 Rotating Disc Gates
  • AWWA C500 Solid Wedge Gate

AWWA Gate Valves come in three different designs. AWWA C500 solid wedge [ for Sewage media]  and revolving rotating disc type and AWWA C509/C515 resilient wedge type gate valves. These gate valves can be offered with various gears and integral by-pass valves.

*We can offer all AWWA gate valves with different types of automation.