Hilton Valves

  • B300 – Bonneted or Fabricated Knife Gates

Knife Gates are chosen for all different types of uses, typically for services with debris in the media. Since the ports are non-obstructed engineers are starting to find more and more applications where Knife Gates are more useful than other types of valves with the flexibility of the compact lay-length, different packing options, and many other new engineered design improvements.

Why Bonneted-
Bonneted Knife Gates are slightly more expensive but the owner will have very little maintenance with them. and they give more flexibility to the applications that knife gate can offer.

Pigging Stations, Pig Launchers, Lift Stations, Pump Stations, Forcemains, Interceptor Lines, Sewers, Wastewater treatment plant system, Digesters, Dam Isolation valves, Turbine By-Pass Valves

Special Designs
-Buried Service Bonneted Knife Gates
-Compact Low Height Bonneted Knife Gates
-Submerged applications
-Full Nominal Pipe ID port area


*Ask us about special applications and help with Knife Gate Application Engineering