Hilton Valves

  • B300 – Fabricated Knife Gates

Knife Gates are chosen for all different types of uses, typically for services with debris in the media. Since the ports are non-obstructed engineers are starting to find more and more applications where Knife Gates are more useful than other types of valves with the flexibility of the compact lay-length, different packing options, and many other new engineered design improvements.

Water Pipeline turn-outs, Pigging Stations, Pig Launchers, Lift Stations, Pump Stations, Forcemains, Interceptor Lines, Sewers, Wastewater treatment plant system, Digesters,

-Exotic materials
-All Types of Actuators
-Up to 900 psi [inquire if higher]
-Special orientations

*Ask us about special applications and help with Knife Gate Application Engineering