Here’s a story about one of our best jobs ever.

San Francisco public Utility Commission completed an project called the WISP (Water System Improvement Program.

2002 SFPUC Adopted a $4.6 Billion CIP Program WISP. Their current waters system was 75-100 years old and all the major pipelines crossed (3) active earthquake faults, there was a 70% chance of a 1906 size quake will happen within 30 years. The Hetch Hetchy water system serves 3 million + people each day in San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo Counties. The system delivers 300+ Million Gallons of Water a Day.

The project consisted of 86 projects, (1) Dam, (2) water treatment plant rehabs, 280+ miles of pipelines, (3) new tunnels, (18) pump stations.

Between the years of 2007 to 2013 Frank Olsen Company supplied various types of valves on over 13+ projects from various manufacturers on this project from 1″ to 108″. Frank Olsen was instrumental in getting DeZurik’s Model BAW AWWA Butterfly valves approved on the first project Tesla Treatment Plant which was a design build Joint with PCL Construction and Stantec Engineering.