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SP Kinney Automatic Strainers are designed for continuous removal of suspended particles from all types of liquids. Applications are in industrial plants using river, lake, well, or sea water for cooling, descaling, bearing lubrication, spraying, quenching, and similar purposes.

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Process Type Tonka Water Product
Gravity Filtration Filtralator™
Horizontal Pressure Filter OptaCell™
Horizontal Pressure Filter – Isolated Cell OptaCell Plus™
Vertical Pressure Filter VertaCell™
Parallel Plates Uni-Pac™
Air Scour Grid Uni-Scour™
Monolithic Underdrain Uni-Cast™
Stainless Underdrain BLEU  
Conventional Ion Exchange ExZorb-IX™
Radium Removal – HMO Ra-Mox™
Ion Exchange – Nitrate Removal Nion-IX™
UF Membranes U-Flex™
NF/RO Membranes Pore-Flex™
Solids Contact Equipment TriClear™
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